Wednesday, August 02, 2006

People piss me off

In my first blog i should probably introduce myself. However, I wont be doing that. As this is just starting out i would like for it to become a little more well known before I let my name out, for now i am s-man. The reason i started this is because i recently read a book by Maddox. And on his website there are many things that i can relate to. For one, I can not stand stupid people. Not people who try but just have a low I.Q., but the people who have no commone sense or just act dumb for laughs. Heres just a list of things i cant stand...
  • People who laugh at everything. Stupid shit on Spongebob isn't funny at all. If your over the age of three and watching it, grow the fuck up.
  • When people have to act like a dumb shit to get attention
  • When other dumb ass's laugh and get the original dumb shit to keep going
  • People who date for 3 weeks and are talking about how they love the person.... you dont fucking love someone after 3 weeks. Stop watching gay ass movies that show people falling in love after 2 seconds of eye contact.
  • People who talk like fags on IM. EX. yO wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg LaTeR..... or people who use LOL after every sentence.
  • People who always act all sad for attention. If your going to go sit wih your lips all puffed out and just stare off and knod your head when people ask whats wrong you should just go fucking sit by yourself where people dont see you

If you would like to email me with comments or something i can laugh at, do so at ...S_MAN_SMART@YAHOO.COM


Blogger Speedy said...

You're an idiot. Not because of the things you have written on your web
log, but because that you have written them in the first place. That
sounds a bit strange, so allow me to make myself clear: You're a
plagiarizer! Maddox wrote everything you've "stolen", and you didn't
give him any credit at all. What? You think writing "The reason i
started this is because i recently read a book by Maddox" is enough?
Moron. If you don't provide a link or at least a description of who this
"mysterious" Maddox is, then nobody knows what the hell you're talking
about. Yeah, it will draw people away from your website and lead them
towards a more interesting one (i.e. The Best Page In The Universe), but
you know what else will? Plagiarism! Then again, I just checked your
profile views and apparently no one does visit your Blogspot; tough
luck. Oh, and just because I'm bored, I'm going to destroy you
(mentally) even more:

Every single time you write the word "I" you use a lower case "i" --
Maddox (the real one, not you) would be very displeased.
All of your links either say "Edit-Me" or they go to a completely
different website. Not a very good impression for a Maddox fan to give.
You have a blog. Maddox hates blogs.
S-man is a stupid alias. Almost worse then "HotPrincess29402049" or
Does Blogspot have a membership program? I bet it does. Here's an idea:
You can make your page suck less if you stop being so selfish and sign
up to this membership program for (what I'm guessing to be) not much
more then 10 dollars or so a month.
Never write again. This is probably the best of the advice I'm donating
to you.

That about sums it up. Now go delete your blog (and any other page you
have on the Internet) and have a nice day.


9:23 PM  

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